FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I choose GSPW to wash my home?

GSPW has been skillfully providing year round professional pressure washing services since 1995. We take pride in our accreditation and A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau of New Hampshire.

All of our custom and well maintained equipment is tailored for professional and commercial use. All of our trucks and washing trailers are self contained and carry all the tools and equipment  necessary to complete any residential or commercial pressure cleaning service.

We carry all the necessary insurance coverage for power washing and exceed the minimum requirements. We are so confident in our cleaning ability, that in addition, we offer the following:

GSPW offers a 30 day clean house guarantee on all exterior house washes and a full 2 year warranty against mold and mildew on all vinyl sided exteriors.

Should I rent or buy a pressure washer from the home improvement center and save money?

Although homeowners can save money upfront on renting or even purchasing their own out of the box pressure washer, typically only cold water residential use machines are available through these outlets.

For true cost savings, homeowners should consider the following:


These heavy and awkward machines must be signed for, picked up, loaded and transported to your home before work can even begin. They must be moved frequently around your home, along with their accessories, like hoses, brushes, buckets, ladders, etc.


Without insurance, the typical cost to rent a pressure washer is around $90 per day. Add insurance, fuel, and other supplies needed and the cost goes up considerably from there.


Pressure washers and rental machines, for the most part, are not maintained properly. This can cause many problems like hard starts, no starts, leaking hoses, breakdowns, etc.


These machines typically don’t hold enough fuel to clean your entire house without the need for refueling adding more cost and time to the equation.


Even the best store bought house wash detergents simply will not provide the same cleaning power as the products and equipment provided by Granite State Pressure Washing. Also, if the homeowners machine is one in which it allows detergent to be applied through it, most likely, it will not have the power to reach past the first story. This means the upper stories will not be cleaned as well and/or will need to be washed while working dangerously from a ladder.

If you are able to complete your house wash in one weekend, Congratulations!
Now load it up again and bring it back or store it away.
Try and enjoy what’s left of your weekend.

Aren't all pressure washing companies the same?
Shouldn't I hire the contractor with the lowest price?

This is the single most important question for homeowners who care about their homes. No, not all pressure washing companies are alike or offer the same service that GSPW provides. Wise homeowners know that lowest prices don’t always add up to the best value especially when it comes to their homes. More often, choosing contractors based solely on lowest price will end up costing homeowners more in the long run as inferior workmanship requires more frequent service, while inexperience and amateur service can cause expensive and time consuming damages.

Consider the following:


A quality service professional will have plenty of hands on experience with commercial power washing equipment and will be well informed and experienced in all aspects of pressure washing. They will have knowledge of proper chemical usage, appropriate application methods, siding and surface variations, water pressure effects, and environmental regulations. Also, a professional will always inspect the home before washing for any potential problems that could be encountered during the wash process.


A professional company will have modern, clean, and well maintained equipment to ensure trouble free washing. They will use industrial commercial grade equipment (these are not purchased from a home improvement center) and will have the ability to provide hot water cleaning.


A company worthy of doing business with will stand behind their work and will be happy to provide certificates providing insurance and workman’s compensation insurance coverage if required.

Why should I have my house steam cleaned and not simply cold water washed? What is the difference?

Although some cold water pressure washers do have the ability to remove some dirt and mildew, most merely wet the surface. Due to the lack of cleaning ability, the use of much harsher chemicals and more direct water pressure to the house exterior is required. On the other hand, the use of steam when cleaning is well known for its ability to cleanse and disinfect on its own. This, combined with the knowledgeable use of professional and biodegradable house wash detergents, will remove dirt, mildew, mold spores, oxidation and other environmental contaminants. This allows for the use of less chemicals, less water and less pressure to wash your house exterior reducing the risk of any damage to the home. Granite State Pressure Washing has been serving for over 20 years, thousands of loyal customers, because of our long standing and honest commitment to quality service, from beginning to end in the cleaning of their homes. Call today! (603)465-9473



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