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When your home siding or roof needs professional cleaning, you can count on Granite State Pressure Washing to show up with the right equipment, knowledge and skill to get the job done right.  GSPW will provide top notch cleaning results quickly, safely and WITHOUT damaging the home exterior like this.

Dirt, stains, mildew and environmental debris build up on a home, gradually dulling and fading the exterior.  This leaves the finish tired-looking and lackluster.  Cleaning the exterior discourages the growth of mold and mildew, both of which can cause allergic reactions and respiratory problems as well as deterioration of the surfaces of they inhabit.  


Many homeowners consider power washing as the simple act of spraying (highly pressurized) water onto their siding and liken it to a simple DIY project such as washing a car.  In most homeowner situations, this is not the case.  More often, what is intended to be a small DIY job, turns into a day-long or weekend-long project requiring added time and cost with supplies such as ladders, hoses, brushes, etc.  After the unintentionally costly and backbreaking work is over, most results simply will not compare to the level of clean GSPW can provide.  All too often the homeowner is left with a lackluster finished appearance and sometimes, unintended damage and more difficult problems to contend with.

Numerous techniques are required for properly cleaning home exteriors and/or preparing for painting.  There are many causes for the staining that occurs and not all power washing contractors practice the same methods of cleaning.  As with other trades, homeowners and consumers should be selective when choosing providers to avoid service issues that result from improper washing procedures and/or inexperience. 


Homeowners should be aware that not all power washers are alike or even similar. Just as owning a camera does not make the professional photographer and owning a wrench does not make one a mechanic, owning a power washer does not make a power washing, steam cleaning, or softwashing professional. The term softwashing, in a nutshell, is just that. It means soft washing. Unfortunately, the term is now being referred to (whether mistakenly or unscrupulously) by some copycat but web savvy high pressure washing companies that do not actually provide this service.  Softwashing DOES NOT and SHOULD NOT utilize or ever require anything more than 500 psi to clean the surface.  At GSPW, we most often clean with as little as 40psi for incredibly safe, efficient cleaning yet truly unbeatable results.   

Granite State Pressure Washing offers an unbeatable level of quality and professionalism in home exterior cleaning with our exclusive low pressure soft washing approach to cleaning home exteriors.  In most circumstances, high pressure should NEVER be utilized in cleaning home exteriors.  Don’t be fooled by the downward angle marketing approach of inappropriate high pressure washing as this can damage the home’s siding just as easily as any upward angle high pressure washing approach.

Granite State Pressure Washing utilizes a very low pressure, professional grade detergent and steam cleaning approach that not only outperforms high pressure washing but is also the safest home exterior cleaning method, virtually eliminating the need for the standard harsh chemicals regularly used in high pressure washing.  Just as a dishwasher uses hot water to achieve maximum cleaning results, cleaning the home works similarly.  But it is the knowledge and combination of stain causes and solutions, temperature, appropriate products, proper water pressures, and cleaning methods that make an incredible difference in the level of clean that can safely be achieved with home exterior surfaces.

GSPW has been serving the southern New Hampshire area for over 25 years.  We are NOT ONLY fully-trained and insured but also offer tremendous pride in workmanship.  We understand that we represent and provide the very best the power washing industry has to offer. 

We are honest and experienced.

We are full time professionals.

We are the professionals, the other pros call for emergency help.  …usually after imitating our advertisements (with stock photography and misrepresentation) and offering remarkably LOWER prices.  On too many occasions, these competitors inadvertently damage a surface they are simply unprepared and unable to clean correctly…usually because of LOW, LOW prices and a lack of knowledge and tools to perform the service the right way.   

Over the years many power washing contractors have come and gone in NH, however Granite State Pressure Washing continues to offer professional power washing, house washing, deck and fence cleaning, sidewalk cleaning and roof cleaning with unmatched service at a fair price.  We care about our customers remain committed to upholding our reputation as industry leaders providing a necessary level of professionalism in the industry.


When the exterior needs repainting, Granite State Pressure Washing will prepare the surface correctly for repainting.  Professional pressure washing is by itself its own trade and should be performed by full time power washing professionals who will carry the correct equipment and utilize the most appropriate cleaning and preparation methods.  Painting over unseen mildew is a common cause of paint discoloration and using inappropriate high pressure where it can damage the exterior negates the value of any paint job.  Granite State Pressure Washing is the chosen provider of paint preparation pressure washing by professional painters in the southern NH area.


 Granite State Pressure Washing offers neighborhood discount programs to condominiums, developments and associations as well as individual neighborhoods with our unbeatable level of quality power washing services providing an even better value to our customers.  Call today and ask us about our neighborhood discount programs.

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