Roof Cleaning

Rid Your Roof of Unsightly Black Streaks

Black streaks which appear on roof surfaces are actually a form of algae. This type of algae eats away at the limestone bits that are used in asphalt shingles.

Our cleaning process not only rids these stains from your roof, but also helps to prevent the algae from returning. Our safe, biodegradable detergent application is non-invasive and uses very low pressure offering an exceptional level of cleanliness without damaging the shingles as often occurs with traditional or inferior methods of high pressure washing.

Our softwash roof cleaning method extends the life of your roof by removing damaging stains and mildew while enhancing your homes curb appeal and brightening your home exterior.

As one of the first and leading providers of roof cleaning in New Hampshire, it is our priority to offer the most efficient, long lasting and safest roof cleaning solutions on the market today.  Through our decades of roof cleaning experience, we have tried and tested most every product being marketed and hyped today as the latest and greatest, eco-friendly, miracle roof cleaning alternative! And as with other industries, the eco-friendly movement has brought about better equipment, better cleaning processes and products AS WELL AS many unscrupulous marketers offering green cleaning products and environmentally friendly miracle alternatives.  Unfortunately, just because a product is chlorine free does not mean it is environmentally friendly.  Common sense dictates that any product that is designed to kill algae can also kill other plant materials and living matter.  We have found through experience, ingredients knowledge and reading the label so to speak that many so called alternative solutions are simply over hyped, well marketed products lacking the results and/or safe ingredients to back up their claims. Many also require application with high pressure which ultimately causes more shingle damage and problems down the road.  Our time tested, proven professional process utilizes LESS pressure, LESS detergent and abides by shingle manufacturer recommendations.  Our detergents are biodegradable and we stand behind our work 100%.

Roof Cleaning Saves Money and Prolongs the Life of Your Roof

Roof cleaning, when appropriately performed as part of an overall home exterior maintenance solution, can save homeowners thousands of dollars by prolonging the life of the roofing surface.

Often, roofs are replaced due to staining and mildew conditions that were once thought to be permanent.

Our roof cleaning service removes dirt, mildew, dark streaks and fungus which ultimately lead to the breakdown of the roofing shingles.

Extend the Life of Your Roofing Surface

Since algae and mildew ultimately eat away at the roofing surface, our quality, low pressure cleaning process helps prevent the further deterioration of the roofing shingles.




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